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Beautiful things can emerge in difficult places

Sojourn Counseling Recommends
Sojourn Counseling is happy to provide the following links because we believe knowledge = power in your journey.

Here are trusted links recommended by Sojourn Counseling.
United Behavioral Health
Highmark Blue Shield
Health and Wellness Information
National Headache Foundation
Web MD-classic website for all your questions
National Institute of Mental Health
Insurance Links-all have excellent links to behavioral health information as well as your benefits.
Tricare: Military Insurance
Beautiful things can emerge from difficult places.
Alcoholics Anonymous

Military One Source is a website that gives comprehensive information on nearly all the medication available on the U.S. market.
Healthy Child-a wonderful website for information on all things related to children
This link will open a PDF file about Mental Health Medications published by the National Institute of Mental Health. It has a good bit of information about pros and cons of medications.